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Botos Family Album -- 2001



Here are just a few of the pictures from our year. When you visit us in person, we'll be sure to show you the rest!

Our Christmas letter has more details about what we've been up to over the last year.

note: Each of the photographs is a thumbnail image of the original. Just click on the thumbnail to view the full size picture.
 www taking over

WWW takes over our world
... what? no sense of humor?!

Click the picture
to find the web....
www taking over
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 Family celebrations
"...come over for dinner. Manga!"

During the year there were the usual round of birthday and holiday celebrations and, of course, the accompanying photo opportunities.

making lasagna eating potato salad

Preparing and eating!!

sonia b-day

Sonia's birthday

Wine from the left and the right!

sonia b-day

 vendemiaThe rain certainly did not dampen spirts at the annual Vendemia, held at a neighborhood Philly park.


Oh no! Rain drops on my glasses.
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tourists in Rome
venice: grand canal Vacations and travels
<---- Venice

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Pisa ---->
siena: palio Just the highlights....
spacing pixel<---- Siena

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Varenna ---->
varenna on lake como
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 Matthew's new digs!

painter #1

New home owner

For Matthew the first order of business was putting a new coat on paint on the ceiling and walls. Then unpacking...

painter #2

Enough surface space for two painters!

 condo from outside decorating Even Catherine got interested in helping especially with the shopping parts. Both HomeDepot and a super Walmart are within walking distance of the condo.
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 Informal portraits...
... the casual us
 Paula visits NJ paula in nj "...and Michael said it was just one of those lonely, boring business trips" xplor first day of schoolThe traditional 'frist day of school' picture for Catherine
  We smile a lot...
 sonia's birthday party


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 spacing pixelgrandpa in the kitchen  <---- A man at home in his kitchen
The cousins ---->
the cousins

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  ms jeckle ms hyde(s)Our own Ms. Catherine Jeckel and Catherine Hyde!
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  Work projects
"...brothers working together!"

 With Matthew's new car it was time for another sound system upgrade with a little help from David. See Matthew's car web site for many more pictures.


building the bass box
callie inspecting the work

Callie checks the construction from the inside out.

At one point his car tried to swallow Matthew whole!matthew getting wallowed
 A 'mere' 50 hours of effort!the finished productthe stereo installer
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 Work projects
"...the fence!"
 The old fence had long since seen better days. However, this winter, it will have one more life as kindling for the fireplace.beforeafter
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  Photo fun

 Check for the ball
...just in front of home plate!

 ball coming over plate
Catching credits to Michael Lamberti.

I got a digital camera for Christmas last year. I still miss my old SLR Pentax, but it has been fun learning. Digital editting sure beats the smell of darkroom chemicals!


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