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Rosalie Sara

Not quite dotting grandparents, but well on our way. We have enjoyed our limited time with Rosoalie. Of course, taking lots of pictures is hardly a problem. She is changing so fast...


2010: Candid family shots

Winter in Mount Laurel...

Valentine shower and spring pictures

Memorial weekend

Random house and summer

Fall & Thanksgiving



... Mexico

It had been a while since Sonia and I were on a cruise. This time we opted for the Mexican Riviera, taking the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Sea out of San Pedro [L.A.] We splurged on a room with a balcony and definitely enjoyed it. Fortunately the ship did not loose power, so we visited Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerta Vallarta without having to endure any spam filled croissants.

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... Niagara

Catherine and I had been to Niagara back in 2000. For Sonia, Matthew, and Dad it had been much longer. With Catherine's encouragement, we got a 'falls view room'. Actually ended up staying in the same hotel [Marriott] and same floor [21st], just a few doors down from out 2000 stay. We had two full days of sightseeing, and got plenty of exercise walking around to see the sites [Dad rode in his wheelchair and thoroughly enjoyed the 'service'. The temperature were warm, but the Canadian beer was nice and cold!

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... Atlantic Beach, NC

Yes, to my surprise there is actually a small town called 'Atlantic Beach' in North Carolina. It is out on a barrier island about mid point of the NC shoreline. Our condo was on the far end of the island, right next to the Fort Macon state park. It was a very relaxing 'beach' vacation. Toughest decisions to be made 1] go to beach or the pool first and 2] go out or eat in for dinner. The roads between NC and NJ were better than I expected. The first part of the trip through Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, including the Delaware Bay/Tunnel bridge, seemed like a well worn path, given the number of times we've followed the route over the years.

... St. Martin

Sonia and I had a brief introduction to St. Martin when we did an island hopping cruise back in 2007. At that time, we put it on our list of plases to spent more time at. We spent 8 days, staying at the Pelican Resort, exploring various parts of the island each day. We quickly learned that 'grande' was considerable overused when if came to gocery establishments. We didn't make it to all 37 beaches, but enjoyed all of the ones we did visit. By the end of our stay, I had almost learned to be continuously on the lookoug for speed bumps on major roads. Overall, we had a great time and put the island back on our list of place to visit again.

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Wildlife and Nature

It was another good year for 'wildlife' pictures. I had a hatching of many praying mantises in the spring. Last fall [2009] I took picture of a a female praying mantin mating and producing an eggs case. I protected the egg case by putting it on the back porch in a glas jar. By spring I had lots of little praying mantises, which I set free into the garden. I photographed a number of caterpillars, etc.

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