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  1. #1 grandchild
  2. Visiting with Dad
  3. Family shots
  4. The Jersey shore
  5. Vacationing in the Dominican Republic
  6. More random family pictures
  7. Family adventures
  8. Massanutten Resort
  9. More family adventures
  10. Michael's photography moments

#1 grandchild

We were blessed to have several wonderful visits with Rosalie, both in Christiansburg and New Jersey. We celebrated her 2nd birthday with her in addition to a week at a Virginia resort this summer. She has really grown and matured this year! She continues to amaze us with the things she is learning. Rosalie is developing a very pleasant personality.

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Visiting with Dad

Dad's health has been slowly declining. He has had several visits to the hospital this year, but seems to have rebounded well. He is less active, but is always glad to have us come visit.

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Family shots

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The Jersey shore

All of these shots were taken prior to Hurricane Sandy. We escaped the storm without any damage!

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Vacationing in the Dominican Republic

This was our first visit to the Dominican Republic and our first stay at an 'all inclusive'. Both of which were very enjoyable. Even more vacation pictures ...

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More random family pictures

This round includes random events throughout the year as well has some 'home improvement' projects. For the 'real deal' on our Thanksgiving dinner with Dad, don't miss Matthew's stop action video of our meal and conversations.

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Family adventures

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Massanutten Resort

We enjoyed a family summer vacation week at the Massanutten ski resort. There was plenty of wild life and outdoor activities. Not to mention, extravagant dining in our condo!

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More family adventures

Yearly Mercer county Italian festival and other shots.

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Michael's photography moments

Whenever I get the chance, I still enjoy the opportunity to be creative with my camera. This year's attempts.... I like my 'bugs'!!

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