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We were able to share some key events with our two grandchildren Rosalie and Frank. We were on hand for their birthdays, Rosalie’s dance recital, the solar eclipse, summer swimming, and Halloween. We also enjoyed Thanksgiving with them at Catherine & Brian's.

Coming soon...

Rosalie & Frank

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Although we really like to travel, even for us, this was a big travel year -- three weeks in Hawaii and three weeks in Europe, plus several shorter trips.


Four island with plenty of good food and snorkeling.

Rhine River cruise

Amsterdam, then up to Rhine to Switzerland.


We visited Lucerne, Bern, Jungfraujock, Zurich, and Chur. At Chur, we switched to the Bernina Express scenic train to travel to Italy.

Northern Italy

The highlights included Varenna, Castelrotto, Bolzano, Padova, Venice, and Verona.

Denver & Colorado

Be sure to compare the two Rocky Mountain National Park scenes. One in March with plenty of snow, then one from almost the same spot in September with colorful aspen leaves.


A little 'get away' before the baby comes.

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Random shots

We did a few more regular things when we were not travelling.

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Semi-formal portraits

Shots taken when we were all together for Thanksgiving at Catherine and Brian's.

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Critters, etc.

I still love to go out 'hunting critters' with my camera!

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More picture links

Just in case you'd like to see more pictures of any of the above, here are links to more detailed albums from the year.

  1. Hawaii land
  2. Hawaii sea
  3. Rhine River
  4. Switzerland
  5. Northern Italy
  6. Denver - March
  7. Denver - September

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