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Family pictures

Our immediate family increased by one this year with the arrival of Nolan, our third grandchild. We've enjoyed watching him grow up quickly this year. Matthew came back east to visit several times during the year. He recently purchased a single family house west of Denver, closer to the outdoor activities he enjoys. Rosalie and Frank are growing up fast. We wish that we could spend more time with them.

Nolan, Catherine, and Brian


David, Kara, Rosalie, and Frank

Miscellaneous family pictures

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We continue to enjoy our travels. This year that included a Caribbean cruise on the Anthem of the Seas, sailing out of Bayonne, NJ. We enjoyed a mini vacation with David, Rosalie, and Frank at Massanutten resort in Virginia. Sonia requested a trip to Italy to celebrated her 70th birthday. On the trip we visited Sicily and several places in southern Italy.

Anthem of the Seas - Caribbean cruise

Massanutten Resort

Sicily and southern Italy

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Images from our lives in 2018

These pictures record some of the random things that we experienced or did in 2018.

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Critters and photography

My interest in bugs and photography continues. I was thrilled this year to be able to capture the 'birth' of praying mantes as they emerged from their egg case. Be sure to watch the video!

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