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Vienna - 5.5 months old
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Caribbean cruise

We completed a week-long Caribbean cruise aboard the Anthem of the Seas just before the COVID-19 closings and shutdowns were beginning. Stops included Port Canaveral, Coco Cay, and Nassau.

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COVID-19 prevented some in person family interactions but also gave us others we had not anticipated. Sonia and I were fortunate to spend additional time with Vienna & Nolan. The pictures are not is exact chronological order, but will give you an overview of our experiences this COVID-19 year.

We visited family in Virginia in both January and March and helped Frank celebrate his 6th birthday.

Since we never made it out to see Matthew in Colorado this year, I’m including several pictures that he shared with us over the year. These will give you a flavor of what he has been up to. Nolan especially likes looking at pictures and videos of Matthew’s backhoe and go cart.

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Random shots

As usual, there are several pictures that just don’t have a ‘category’. I’ve included pictures of our 55+ year old oak being cut down, several of Sonia’s many masks, and of course, my usual collection of bugs,’critters’, and random nature shots.

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