Family album - 2022

A pictorial summary of our year. Approximately in chronological order.
Exploring Befana's hair
Successful hunt for praying mantis egg cases. Hoping for a bountiful 'hatch' in May!
Ready to eat - copycat pear, bleu cheese, and fig flatbread from Harvest Grill
Birthday boy - the big 75th
Feeding her cow with Nolan's 'OG' bear waiting his turn
Vienna insists on trying new clothes on right away... by herself!
Vienna putting her new baby to bed, singing Twinkle Twinkle, and patting her [we need to work on 'gentle' patting]
Nolan learning good technique under Catherine's watchful eye
Vienna doing "yoga yoga" [note #1 - position of her toes] [note #2 - below her shirt -- band of skin, white band of diaper, red band of Nolan's underwear, and…
Serious supply chain shortage... papaya with only 1 seed!
Our biggest January 2022 snow
Proud of her tattoos
VIDEO: Vienna happy to have fresh batteries in Baby Shark
Two tone eyelashes
Helping Nonna mix brownie ingredients
So happy she's dancing!
Nolan loves having his picture taken as long as you show him the results.
Showing off his 10 raspberries
Following Nolan's method of eating raspberries
Salem, VA: Frank the artist -- Super Mario in process...