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Botos Family Album -- 1999


1999, a busy year!

Here are just a few of the pictures from our year. When you visit us in person, we'll be sure to show you the rest!

Our Christmas letter has more details about what we've been up to over the last year.

note: Each of the photographs is a thumbnail image of the original. Just click on the thumbnail to view the full size picture.
 A new family member!
... Callie joined the family in early January
Callie in the dryer
in the clothes dryer!

We had heard that cats were very clean, but some of the things Callie did surprised us.

ready for a bath


Callie hates getting a bath, but she loves to 'check things out' ... like the sink and the clothes dryer.


We soon found that Callie has two favorite places -- any cardboard box, especially one located next to the fireplace. The other place is of course Catherine's bed.

Callie didn't start out as a 'lap' cat, but Catherine has been working with her.

Calie in box   Callie in bed
Callie in 'lap' training
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 Family celebrations
"...come over for dinner"

During the year there were the usual round of birthday and holiday celebrations and, of course, the accompanying photo opportunities.


Grandpa (Joe #1) at 82 (and still not ready to 'retire' from working)
bithday boy birthday with the boys

Joe #2 with Joseph (#3) and Michael


Mother's day...

A rare quiet moment sitting on the porch and watching the world go by.
new generation of bacci players

The next generation of bocci players. Andrew, Matthew, Catherine, David, & Paula

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     Vacations and travel
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 mattmobile in badlands  david and paula in bahamas  boat ride off kauai 

Matthew's car/bike in the Badlands

David and Paula in the Bahamas

Sonia, Catherine, and Michael off the Kauai coast
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 Special moments
... things that made the year memorable
 Matthew turns 21!Matthew... 21 david and paula at a friend's wedding
David and Paula at a friend's wedding
Catherine 'all wet' in Hawaii
scuba diving
Catherine in STEP costume
Catherine as a 'spirit' in S.T.E.P. performance of Under the Sea
No, Joseph and Michael were not in the show!
 sonia's web pageWeb Mistress

Sonia joined the ranks of web authors researching and writing three lesson plans on 'marine' topics as part of her Rutgers' course work.

Click the picture!

air inlet

David explains the salient points of an air intake nozzle, at his Techsburg job.

Those broken tiles in the kitchen finally got fixed. (note: pink post-its were eventually removed!)fixing broken tiles

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   matthew's new phat padcatherine being moved  
 living room #1 Moving into a new apartment

This being the 6th move in two years, Matthew was looking forward to being in one place for the entire year. Catherine discovered that helping her brother move did not exactly expand her horizons!

Matthew had the place pretty well set up in a couple of hours. He has gained a great deal of experience assembling and disassembling his 'components'.

living room #3
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 catherine with colleen catherine with urmalaSpecial friends

Catherine's special friends include her penpal Colleen (she lives in Pennsylvania) and her friend from school, Urmila.

 Fun activities

The cat (look closely) is in the pumpkin.

Catherine the field hockey player. This was her first season.

cat pumpkin field hocky player  
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