Aruba 2023 - The Land

Pictures mostly from the Land portion of our 2023 Aruba vacation. Yes, we spent a week in Aruba just last year. However, we wanted more time in Aruba, so this year, we spent 2 weeks there! Lots to explore, plenty of time to relax, and plenty of great restaurants discover.

Be sure to check out the companion 'water' album - Aruba water pictures - 2023 .

To Aruba: Very happy with our non-existant middle seat mate!
Aruba: A little overcast on arrival
First Aruban sunset
Hadicurari - breakfast & dinner on Mother's Day
Champagne breakfast
Champagne breakfast - detail
Interior of St. Anna church
Divi Divi trees pointing to the southeast due to constant wind/breeze
SuperFood - Aruba
Mother's Day sunset - Marriott Surf Club beach
Another sunset view: Drilling rig, sun, and sailboat
Evening dinner scene @ Hadicurari
Sunset dinner @ Hadicurari - front row next to the beach
Hadicurari: Toes-in-the-sand dining
Parpodelle w/porchini mushrooms. Sonia’s hand keeping the cheese from blowing away.
Spicy shrimp
Seafood risotto
Happy diner
Ice cream filled profiteroles
Aruban eggs