small bug icon  Vacationing on the island of Cayo Levantado - Dominican Republic - 2013

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  1. Getting there
  2. Resort arrival and checking out 'our' island
  3. Lots of pelicans
  4. Lower pool snack bar +
  5. Signature dining
  6. More beach scenes
  7. Random shots
  8. Heading home
  9. Links

Getting there

If you are looking for a Dominican Republic all-inclusive resort with lots of nightlife and a bustling crowd, STOP! Grand Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado is not for you!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for quiet relaxation, with spacious rooms, uncrowded facilities, and superb service, then we can highly recommend
Grand Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado!

     Switching from air to land...     

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Resort arrival and checking out 'our' island

It didn't take us long to get into the resort lifestyle! Our first day was spent mostly exploring and getting our bearings, learning what was available and just relaxing!

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Lots of pelicans

We soon learned, much to our enjoyment, that pelicans frequently fished in the waters surrounding the island.

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Lower pool snack bar +

We ate most of our lunches at the Las Caracolas snack bar next to the lower pool. The Presidente beer at the Las Caracolas snack bar was always cold and refreshing. Food selection was more than adequate and eliminated the need to walk back to the main buffet for lunch. The Hibyscus beach bar also was convenient for keeping up our fluid intake.

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Signature dining

We ate breakfast at the main buffet. Orange juice with champagne or vodka got the morning off to a good start.

In the evening, we usually ate at one of the signature restaurants. We are sort of 'foodies' and also like to take pictures. There are 3 signature restaurants. We ate at all of them at least once. Both the food and presentation were fabulous. The house wines were appealing. The portions were reasonable. We always left the restaurant satisfied without feeling 'stuffed'. The restaurant management and wait staff were efficient and very solicitous of our needs. Definitely make your restaurant reservations soon after you arrive. They book up quickly.

Pictures below are grouped by the 3 restaurants. Evening dining at the buffet was also an option for anyone wishing a less formal dining experience.

Don Pablo restaurant:

Portofino restaurant:

Mediterráneo restaurant:

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More beach scenes

The more I explored, the more photographic subjects I found!

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Random shots

The following are in no particular order. Hopefully they will give you a sense of the variety and beauty of this island resort.

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Heading home

After a few parting 'tourist' shots, it was time to leave 'our' island and head back home to our non-Caribbean existance. But with many, many fond memories...

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1]  Our resort review as posted on TripAdvisor
2]  our 'grounds only' resort overview - 17 pictures
3]  Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado - resort web site
4] - we booked the resort and air thru them.
5]  Tour Samana With Terry - we made our own land transfer arrangements -- better deal than CheapCaribbean offered.

aerial view of cayo levantado from bing     6]  Aerial view of the island via Bing Bird's Eye View

grand bahia principe resort detail map    7]  Resort detail map


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