Colorado - July 2023

Pictures from our July visit with Matthew including Mt. Blue Sky, Rocky Mountain National Park, and side trip to Steamboat Springs.
Our rental: Just trying to fit in with the locals!
Matthew introduced us to peach beer. Palisade peaches are delicious!
Tree in Matthew's yard - I'm guessing bear marking!
Very thorny rose
Michael examining hornet nest under construction
Small hornet nest on one of Matthew's outdoor lights
Paper wasp as active, enlarging its nest while we were there.
Sonia attempting to plant Matthew's little garden
Our first hail storm [at Matthew's]
Sonia's attempt to protect her planting from the sun, wind, & hail!
Tailgate scene before July 4th Red Rocks concert
Impromptu tailgate serenade -- the guy was pretty good!
It was a long walk from where we had to park to the entrance
View to downtown Denver from Red Rocks
Our view of the concert stage
Selfie of the three of us
Threatening clouds came from the west
Sonia & I awaiting the start of the concert
Hail storm #2 -- using seat cushions to protect our heads
During the hail storm