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This page contains sites I've found helpful for the reasons specified. I've spoken with the number of people just getting into digital photography and thought having a site like this one would be a good reference.


If you are an old time 'chemical' print developer, you know that taking the picture is only the start of the creative process. 'Improving' the picture during printing is also part of the creative process. In the digital world, you can forget the smell of the developer, etc. and use a variety of software packages instead. How much can you do? Here is a sample of a picture I took in Hawaii.

original improved
original honuma bay improved hunuma bay

Click each thumbnail to get a larger picture. The original was shot from the air with some thin cloud cover. The image editing software was able to filter that out and provide a crisper image.

Underwater pictures present a special challenge, because the full spectrum of light [color] does not travel well through water. The deeper you go, the less color. Still, with good tools, some dramatic improvements are possible. See my underwater workshop for some samples.

Still unsure about getting started editing your digital photos? I recently experimented with Picasa from Google and can recommend it to anyone who wants to get started with digital editing. There are versions for both Windows and Mac. Be sure to try the "I'm feeling lucky" button. You will be amazed! There are many on-line tutorials available. Picasa interfaces to popular photo printing sites like Walmart as well as Google's Web Albums, which allows you to share your images with friends over the Internet. For those with a little more technology expertise, Picasa will also generate albums in HTML. In addition to the album templates provided by Picasa, you can also get additional free templates at .

Check this quick fix site for specific links on how to resolve common photo problems in a variety of photo editing products.

Essential Photo Editing -- lots of additional helpful links.

Taking Great Pictures - provided by Kodak

Top 8 Digital Camera Newbie Mistakes to Avoid

Improve Your Image - Great line-up of basic techniques with customized instructions for each of several major software tools: Adobe Photoshop |Adobe Photoshop Elements | Adobe PhotoDeluxe | Corel Photo-Paint | Jasc Paint Shop Pro | MGI PhotoSuite | Ulead PhotoImpact

Digital Photography Secrets - This site allows you to sign up for a series of free digital photography tips which are delivered one per day via email. You will also get some soft sell to buy the author's book[s] and courses. I just took the free stuff which was pretty good. Great for beginners, good review for those with some experience.

in general:

Your digital camera, printer, or ISP may offer you free photo editing software. As you get serious about photo editing, I'd recommend comparing some of the other free image software packages that are available. As I mentioned above, my personal recommendation is Picasa, primarily because of its excellent user interface. The following pages offer lists of free software.

How Digital Cameras Work - Detailed explanation of the technology in your camera.

Working with Digital Photos and Scanned Images - Lots of good links here to other areas of interest.

Photo Critique Forum - What are others up to. Some will make you green with envy!

10 Tips For Better Digital Pictures With These Easy Steps You’ll Be Taking Pictures Like A Pro -- Shutterbug Magazine

selecting a camera:

Different cameras have different purposes. Some are better at certain aspects of photography than others. This site from Best Buy compares the camera they sell and highlights their pros and cons. Of course, these and even more cameras are available at other stores.

looking at the pros:

If you are new to digital photography, the best advice I can give you is to "take lots of pictures". With the caveat that once taken, you look at each picture and determine whether or not you got the effect you were looking for. If not, and if the subject is still available, try again. Be aware that all digital photographs contain additional camera data that automatically captures key camera settings as well as date/time. This my help in your analysis.

Look at professional photographers work and try to imitate it. In doing so, you will become more familiar with your camera and your own skill level.


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