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Dominican Republic - Barcel Bavero Deluxe Resort beach


  1. Getting there...
  2. Arriving and exploring
  3. Snorkel trip
  4. Getting used to resort life
  5. Resort life
  6. More highlights
  7. Final day and heading home...

Getting there

We took advantage of slightly cheaper airfares and flew out of Newark rather than Philly. On the way, we flew mostly over the ocean. Shortly before landing, my side of the plane was treated to an excellent view of Grand Turk island.

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Arriving and exploring

After a slight delay getting through customs, we had a pleasant ride to the resort and the welcoming drinks were great. Our first evening and next day were mostly exploring the facilities and learning our way around. The resorts runs parallel to the beach instead of perpendicular to it, so there was plenty of beachfront to lounge on. This was our first 'all inclusive' type of vacation. It was very relaxing.


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Snorkel trip

Our one excursion away from the resort was for a morning of snorkeling. It turned out to be a windy day, but fortunately the early morning rain ended and stayed away during most of the trip. The crew of the Marinarium were very friendly and got everyone into a good mood. The nurse shark and string rays were in two penned areas.

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Getting used to resort life

It didn't take us long to get used to resort living. We found that we had some favorite spots on the beach and pools [right next to the bar].

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Resort life

After several mornings of just getting up as the spirit moved us, we finally decided to catch a sunrise. Our days were full of 'big' decisions. Pool or beach? What kind of drink to have? What and where to eat?

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More highlights

Although we had several great meals at the resorts restaurants, one of the most entertaining was the dinner at the Japanese restaurant's teppanyaki grill. Sonia was even selected to be the guest chef.

Didn't see enough 'cheek' shots yet? I planned ahead, and took a few more to show you!

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Final day and heading home...

It always seems too soon to leave. We were glad that we had opted to take an extra day. We're sorry to have to leave, but we left very relaxed, drinks in hand!

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