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When you click the 'Convert' button, this script will populate the right panel with enhanced code. You can then cut & paste the code into your message posting input box. The enhanced code should display the HTML tags rather than interpret the HTML tags. A pop-up window will also display containing an approximation of what the code snippet will look like in your posted message. Posting engines vary from site to site, so some experimentation may be necessary.
Caution: Re-editting your posting will most likely cause the special display codes to be lost.A suggested approach is to use your browser BACK key rather than the 're-edit' button in the preview display.

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spacing pixelYou input:
<b>bold text</b>
Script generates:
<span style=color:red>&lt;b&gt;</span>bold text<span style=color:red>&lt;/b&gt;</span>
spacing pixel
Posted content will look like:
<b>bold text</b>



Created 10/30/2008 by Michael Botos. Comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome. Contact me at

Based on the original Convert < and > to &gt; and &lt; conversion tool by B. Suter. This adaptation adds color to the tags and uses a pop-up window to display approximately how the generated code will look in a posted message.

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