Italy 2023

Memories of our 2023 Italy trip, including Rome, Soverato, San Vito, Alberobello, Ostuni, Lecce, Matera, Tropea, and Reggio Calabria. And many of our meals along the journey!
All packed and ready for Italy!
Enjoying the United lounge and snacks
Takeoff @ Newark with NY skyline
The journey ahead
Welcome to Rome rush hour!
Circus Maximus
Severian Arches on Palatine Hill seen from Circus Maximus
Monument to Victor Emmanuel II
Sonia with Castel Sant'Angelo in the background as we pass Ponte Sant'Angelo
Crossing the Tiber
Supreme Court of Cassation
Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri [near Piazza della Repubblica]
Piazza della Repubblica
Hosteria Romano: appetizer
Stuffed zucchini - a menu visual is always helpful!
Tonino [our waiter - from Filadelphia, Italy near Sonia's home towm] and Sonia
Small Coptic church near Cavour
On the bus with guide Joseph, on the way to Tivoli
Hadrian's Villa - a UNESO site
Olive trees - hundreds of years old