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Also be sure to check out the companion web page for a compilation for our Maui whale pictures.

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  1. Getting there...
  2. Big/Little beach areas
  3. Hotel to condo
  4. Whale watch #1
  5. Around the condo
  6. Trip around north coast
  7. Random sights + Haleakala
  8. Lahaina
  9. Final day beach and sights...

Getting there

We had a delay leaving Philly which caused us to miss our connection in LA. But we got away from the snow and as they say "Getting there is half the fun!"


Big/Little beach areas

Driving down past Kihei and Makena, we enjoyed a day at Big and Little beaches.


Hotel to condo

With Catherine's arrival, we also moved into our condo the next day.


Whale watch #1

Our first whale watch was a two hour cruise, following by a memorial lunch at Fred's, and a little relaxing at the beach. Maui whale pictures are on a separate page.


Around the condo [Kuleana Resort]

Vacations are for relaxing. And that what we did....


Trip around north coast

This was our first trip around the northern side of Maui. Complete with one lane road, the scenery was beautiful and well worth it.


Snorkel cruise

Our second whale watch was actually combined with a 6 hour snorkel excursion. It's difficult to go from island to island without seeing whales, so this trip served a dual purpose. Maui whale pictures are on a separate page.


Random sights + Haleakala

We enjoyed out local environs and took at afternoon trip to the top of Haleakala, only to be foiled in our mountain top sunset watching/picnic by low clouds. We settled for a still great sunset slightly lower on the mountain.



We enjoyed several visits to Lahaina which was just about 10 minutes down the road from our condo.


Final day beach and sights

After packing our suitcases and stowing them in the car, we spent out last day mostly on beaches and a little sightseeing, before boarding the plane and heading home.



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