September 1999

Nothing fancy here just links to the pictures.

Family members

Catherine on her first day of school.

Catherine and her 'big' boyfriend.

Paula and David in Paula's kitchen

The saga of the kitchen floor:

A strip of 20.5 tiles removed between the family room and dining room. Thinset already scrapped off the plywood.

Scrapping the backs of the 'good' tiles so I can reset them.

Floor with new and old tiles in place. (Pink post-it notes where to help identify which tiles were 'wet'.

Miscellaneous tiles replaced and grouted. (In this picture, still need to wipe excess grout.)

Rooms for rent!

Matthew's room after some cleaning and rearranging. (note: bed is now queen size [from Catherine's room])

David's room after some major cleaning and rearranging.