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A river cruise had been on our bucket list for a long time. We eventually settled on a Rhine cruise in June and made our reservations over a year in advance. The fact that the river might be either too high or too low to complete our journey never materialized. We also weathered a 'bump in the night', which could also have abruptly shifted our river cruise to a bus ride.

amsterdam reflections
  1. Amsterdam
  2. Kinderdijk
  3. Cologne and Ehreshoven Castle
  4. Rhine castles and Rüdesheim
  5. Stuttgart
  6. Colmar

The Rhine River cruise, which included stops in the Netherlands, Germany, and France was part of a larger vacation that also included stops in Switzerland and Northern Italy. Below are links to photo albums for the other portions of that larger trip.



Amsterdam is a very friendly tourist city. We both really enjoyed our stay there. I still marvel at the number of bicycles in the city and the variety of people riding them - be they commuters, residents, tourists, and even pregnant women -- mostly all without helmets. Despite all the pictures I had seen of Amsterdam, you never really get a feel of the city until you are physically there. We spent 3 days there enjoying the canals, museums, and other sight. I'd welcome the opportunity to visit again!

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Kinderdijk offered a concentration of wind mills, most of them still in daily operation.

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Cologne and Ehreshoven Castle

Ehreshoven Castle

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Rhine castles and Rüdesheim

Castles to the right! Castles to the left! This section of the river certainly had its share of them.


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Lowering the ship

Even though the ship sat fairly low in the water, for several of the locks it needed to be even lower. Fortunately, the bridge was on hydraulic pistons and could be lowered 3-4 feet as needed.

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