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The Small Wonders are an art installation on the Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas megaship. There are 42 artifacts in the collection. They are scattered in various locations around the ship. The Small Wonders come in three formats: wall case, pedestal, and what I call 'robot head' [this one reminds me of the robot in Short Circuit. Here are representations of the three types:

wall mounted small wonder
Wall case
pedestal type small wonder
robot head small wonder
'Robot head'

I had found a partial listing of the Small Wonders locations, but it did not include them all. So on one of my sea days, I went on a hunt to see how many I could find. As each plaque confirms, there are 42 Small Wonders in total. I found 35 of them! My wife later found one more that I had missed, making a toatl of 36 that I've identified. So there are still 6 outstanding. I have attempted to document the ones I found by their location, display type and contents. If you have pictures of any that I missed, please send them to so I can get the complete set documented.

Notation Code: I coded each of the pictures with the deck number, location front to back, and location side to side on the ship. Here are the notations:
   Deck # Forward
Mid ship

Thus the notation 'D4_A_P:' should be read as 'Deck #4,   Aft portion of the ship,   Port side. The full notation also includes additional information about the precise location and the name of the Small Wonder. On each deck, I have listed the Small Wonders from front to back of the ship. In a couple cases, the plaque was either missing or I just couldn't locate it.

Artifact image quality notes: Please remember that the pictures of the art work are only rough approximations. Many of the viewers are steroscopic. Most of the images I took with my iPhone thru one eye piece. As with any work of art, you really need to see them in person to get the full experience.

Michael on the 'hunt':

michael documenting small wonder  michael capturing small wonder image on iphone

Here is a link to the other pictures from the cruise.

Warning: NOT Small Wonders

And just to be clear, the two forms below are not Small Wonders display holders. Don't try looking into them!

smokers stand  fire hose stand

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As I was getting ready for our cruise in November, I joined the Cruise Critic Roll Call for our sailing and mentioned to others on the roll call about looking for and enjoy the Small Wonders, only some of which I had seen on our previous cruise in February. I was a little surprised that I was not able to find much additional information about Small Wonders on the Internet. This intrigued me. My wife says I became obsessed!

  1. Background
  2. Deck #3
  3. Deck #4
  4. Deck #5
  5. Deck #6
  6. Deck #7
  7. Deck #8
  8. Deck #10
  9. Deck #11
  10. Deck #14
  11. Deck #15
  12. Deck #16
  13. Deck #17
  14. List

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Deck #3

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Deck #4

I could not find the plaque for this one. This Small Wonder is down on the entertainment deck. I looked all around but did not see the corresponding plaque.

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Deck #5

I thought I had taken a picture of the road [asphalt with center line going over small hills], but I must not have clicked completely.

Although it looks like there is a magnifying glass in front of the beetles, there is no glass in it. Yet when you look thru it, you think they look bigger!

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Deck #6

I give my wife credit for finding the blue footed boobies below. I had missed it on my hunt. I don't have a picture of the plaque.

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Deck #7

For this installation, I found the plaque, but could not find where the actual Small Wonder art object was located.

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Deck #8

I could not find the plaque for this one.

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Deck #10

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Deck #11

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Deck #14

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Deck #15

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Deck #16

I could not find the plaque for this one. It is up on the takeoff platform for the ZIP line, inside the exit gate.

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Deck #17

One list I had seen included two wall mounted Small Wonders in the Viking Crown lounge. Since the Viking Crown lounge was converted to the Concierge Suite during drydock [October 2014], I asked the Concierge about them. He told me that the two Small Wonders were no longer there, but he was not able to tell me where they had been moved to.

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Below is a list of the 36 small Wonders doucmented above in case you want to print it.

Deck #3
D3_F_S: Outside Conference center - P Tree

Deck #4
D4_F_P: near bottom on stairs from D5 - Dolphin
D4_A_P: aft elevator bank near entrance to casino - Snake Skeleton
D4_A_S: aft elevator bank near entrance to casino - Brazilian Agate with Icelandic Spar

Deck #5
D5_F_P: entrace to Promenade - Sea Shells
D5_F_S: outside Boleros - Owl
D5_M_S: to right of entrance to Price & Greene - Farfantepenaeus, Aztecus, Cyprinidae, Skull, Ammonite, Trilobite, Desmoceras and Dorsatum
D5_M_S: left entrance to Michael Kors - Orchid
D5_A_S: aft end of Rising Tide, stairs going up to D6 - Road trip - Maui
D5_A_S: aft elevator bank outside Royal Promenade - Beetles
D5_A_P: aft elevator bank outside Royal Promenade - Akoya Oyster Shell w/Blister Pearl

Deck #6
D6_F_P: balcony past elevator bank overlooking Promenade - Seahorse Skeleton
D6_F_S: balcony past elevator bank overlooking Promenade - White Dog - Splash
D6_A_P: inside Schooner Bar - Blue Footed Boobies ??
D6_A_P: outside entrance to Schooner Bar - Ammonite Fossil
D6_A_P: coming from Boardwalk, left before elevator bank - Monkey I
D6_A_P: back by Aqua theater - Baltic Amber with Insects

Deck #7
D7_F_C: center overlooking Promenade - Surfer on Sand Dune
D7_A_P: overlooking entrance to Boardwalk - Scallops
D7_A_S: outside Focus picture area -- [art object missing]

Deck #8
D8_F_P: entrance to Central Park - Sycamore Seed Pods
D8_M_P: outside Park Cafe - Starfish
D8_M_S: aft end of trellis walkway - Azurite, Malachite, Hemimorphite, Cornetite, and Cyanotrichite
D8_A_P: after entrance to Central Park -- Bee

Deck #10
D10_F_P: elevator bank facing Central Park - Daisy with Bugs
D10_F_S: elevator bank facing Central Park -Porta Joia Quartz, Jasper, Garnet, Cluster, Vanadinite and Creedite"

Deck #11
D11_A:_S: entrance to Concierge Club - Pink Blossoming Peach Tree

Deck #14
D14_A_S: elevator bank overlooking Central Park - Pink Coral

Deck #15
D15_F_S: outside ladies bathroom and cantilevered hot tub - Brazilian Agate w/Pink Quartz
D15_A_S: near video arcade entrance - Prescott Rocks
D15_A_P: center area near Freedom of the Seas ship model - Quartz Elements on Brazilian Agate

Deck #16
D16_F_S: overlooking Solarium towel station, entrance to Solarium level 2 - Pyrites & Amethyst
D16_M_S: behind Sky bar - Brochantite, Malachite, Flourite and Sulfur
D16_A_S: overlooking kiddie pool - Tree
D16_A_P: overlooking sports pool - Baby Splash
D16_A_S: at ZIP line takeoff area [no plaque] - Sea Urchin Shells??

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