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  1. Lucerne
  2. Bern
  3. alphorn concert
  4. Jungfraujock
  5. Chur
  6. Bernina Express

This trip to Switzerland was the middle part of a larger visit to Europe. It started with a Rhine River cruise, which included stops in the Netherlands, Germany, and France. Stops in Switzerland [this album] came next. The trip ended with visits to several cities in Northern Italy. Below are links to photo albums for the other portions of that larger trip.



The river potion of our Rhine cruise ended in Basel, Switzerland. The 'cruise' continued via bus with two nights in Bern with a stop in Lucerne along the way. The weather was perfect for our visit!

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We had an evening 'on our own' in Bern. We walked around a bit of the town and found a good local place for dinner. We could see the Alps from our hotel room.

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The next day we were off to see Jungfraujock, also known as the 'Top of Europe'. To get there, we travelled by bus and train. The final train ride was mostly thru tunnels. Once again, we had a perfect day for our visit.

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Leaving Bern the next morning, we rode to Zurich where we caught a train to Chur. We only spent a night here, but enjoyed our visit. We picked Chur because it was the morning starting point for the Bernina Express, a very scenic train ride to Tirano, Italy.

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Bernina Express

Just fabulous scenery!

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