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The camera I used for these pictures was a Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS in a WP-DC 36 waterproof case.
See the link below for several movies.

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Getting to the dive site...

It was a little overcast and had rained the night before. There were only two of us [Russell and myself] who signed up to dive, but the folks from AquaMania did not cancel the trip. It was really nice having such a small group.

AquaMania is located on the ground of the Pelican Resort, where my wife and I swere staying.


Dive #1 - Long Bay

The first site was Long Bay. Nominal depth was 56 feet.


Surface internal and rain

During our surface interval, we had some more rain. However, the rain was warm and in our wetsuits, it didn't seem all that bad.


Dive #2 - Gregory Wreck

The Gregory was a barge that sank in 1995, lying upside down in about 55 feet of water. The inside made a nice home for many of the sea creatures.

If you are interested in the rest of my vacation to St. Martin, you can view the pictures on my other St. Martin vacation page, if you have not done so already.



This was a new experiment for me... taking movies underwater. One disadvantage is that I don't have a tool to color correct the video.

Another is that these movies may take a moment to load, since they are quite large [see size].

Video #1 [12MB] Pans over sea floor and then over to Russell as he swims by.

Video #2 [16MB] Panning over sea floor with Billy swimming by.

Video #3 [21MB] Starts with the bottom of Billy's fin, moves to a small school of fish, and then pans over to Russell as he checks his air supply.



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