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Taming the growing archive -- more pictures on other pages...

This archive has grown large over time. I am gradually transferring related photos to separate subject/category pages. Click on any of the links below to get to these special pages.

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note: Each of the photographs is a thumbnail image of the original. Just click on the thumbnail to view the full size picture in a popup window.

Butterflies, Moths, Caterpillars, Miscellaneous,


  butterfly and day lily

Butterfly and day lily #1

butterfly and day lily

Butterfly and day lily #2

small butterfly

Small Butterfly with tongue extended.

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  polyphemus moth

Polyphemus moth.

moth overview

Moth overview.

moth detail

Moth detail.

    moth sucking nectar

Moth sucking nectar.

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  catapillar having bad hair day

And you thought you had a bad hair day.

catapillar face

Bad hair overcome by a pretty face.

    monarch caterpillar on leaf

Monarch caterpillar getting in position.

munching monarch caterpillar

Monarch caterpillar munching leaf.

  catapillar - beautiful, but...

Beautiful, but very hungry forest tent caterpillar.

leaf remains after catapillar dinner

Caterpillar-created leaf lace.

munching catapillars

Voracious eating caterpillars.

  easterm tent caterpillar nest

Eastern tent caterpillar nest.

easterm tent caterpillar detail

Eastern tent caterpillar detail.

gypsy moth worms

Gypsy moth worms.

    horny caterpillars

Horny buck moth caterpillars.

horny catapillar detail

Honey, I'm feeling horny!

  small but colorful disney cast member -- catapillar

Small but colorful Disney cast member at Coronado Springs Resort.


Which end is the front?

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  rose slugs

Rose slugs.

rose slug #2

Rose slug #2.

rose slug #3

Rose slug #3.



worm munching basil plant

Worm munching basil plant.

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