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Photography I've gone digital.... seriously


Featured weekly photo archive:

The photo[s] below have been featured as one of my "best photos of the week" on my home page. My camera is a Pentax Optio 555. Comments, suggestions, and appreciation always gladly accepted. Send them to me at mailto gif mbotos@botos.com

Just getting started in digital photography yourself? You may find this list of digital picture resources helpful.

note: Each of the photographs is a thumbnail image of the original. Just click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of the picture in a popup window.

Taming the growing archive -- more pictures on other pages...

This archive has grown large over time. I am gradually transferring related photos to separate subject/category pages. Click on any of the links below to get to these special pages.

Main archive, Dogwood, Ice and Snow, Ants, Aphids, Bees, Wasps, etc., Ladybugs, Butterflies, Moths, and Caterpillars, Sex in my garden - praying mantes, 200+ praying mantis babies

  Polyphemus metamorphosis...polyphemus caterpillar

.. Caterpillar munching on leaf - 10/09/2010.

polyphemus caterpillar in cocoon

.. in cocoon - 10/10/2010.

newly hatched polyphemus moth

.. newly hatched polyphemus moth - 05/30/2011.

  Water droplets...water droplets on plant blade

.. on plant blade.

water droplet on poppy bud with mosquito

.. on poppy bud with mosquito.

wter droplets on flower petals

.. on flower petals.




rose bud - first day of spring 2009

Water drop / rose bud .

  daffodil - first day of spring 2009

Daffodils and water drops.

germinating tomato

Germinating tomato.

germinating tomato detail

Germinating tomato - detail.

  schuylkill river scum pattern #1

Schuylkill river scum pattern #1.

schuylkill river scum pattern #2

Schuylkill river scum pattern #2.

schuylkill river scum patter #3

Schuylkill river scum pattern #3.

  spider mending its web

Spider mending its web.

spider detail

Spider / spinneret detail.

spider flip side

Spider - flip side.

  mushroom - 9 inch stem

What do you call someone with a 9" stem?

mushroom detail #1

Light through the mushroom.

mushroom detail #2

Mushroom edge detail.

  brown dragon fly

Brown dragon fly.

blue dragon fly

Blue dragon fly.

green dragon fly

Green dragon fly.

  poppy buds

Poppy buds.

red maple buds

Red maple buds.

red maple bud detail

Red maple buds - detail.

  pussy willow #4

Pussy willow - budding.

pussy willow #5

Pussy willow - full bloom.

pussy willow - backlit

Pussy willow with back lighting.

  pussy willow - starting to bloom

Pussy willow - starting to bloom.

pussy willow bloom detail

Pussy willow bloom detail.

baclklit pussy willow

Baclklit pussy willow.

  lilac buds

Lilac buds.


Buds #2.


Buds #3.




dried flowers in winter

Dried flowers in winter.

  old rusted pitchfork

Old, rusted pitchfork.

rusted tiller blade

Rusted tiller blade.

firewood symmetry

Firewood symmetry.

  spider web in grass with dew

Dew covered spider web on grass.

vine design

Vine design.

leaf frog - belize

Belize: leaf frog.

  mahogany tree seed pod

Mahogany tree seed pod.

butterfly - belize

Belize: butterfly #2.

butterfly - belize

Belize: butterfly #1.

  three varieties of dragon flies

3 varieties of dragon flies on 2 lily pads.

red eyed green tree frog

Red eyed, green tree frog.

Belize - grasshopper detail

Belize: grasshopper detail.

  love bugs [ladybugs]

Love bugs [a.k.a. ladybugs].

ladybug larva

Ladybug larva.

ladybug larvae examining egg case remains

Ladybug larvae examining egg case remains.

  ladybug pupa resting on larva remains

Ladybug pupa resting on larva remains.

new ladybug hatchling on top of pupa shell and larva remains - top view

New ladybug hatchling on top of pupa shell and larva remains - top view.

new ladybug hatchling on top of pupa shell and larva remains - side view

New ladybug hatchling on top of pupa shell and larva remains - side view.

  empty ladybug pupa shell and larve remains

Empty ladybug pupa shell and larve remains - top view.

empty ladybug pupa and larva casings

Empty ladybug pupa and larva casings - side view.

onion grass blooming

Onion grass blooming.

  ants on peone

Ants on peone.

dandelion seed

Single dandelion seed suspended on spider filaments.

ring around the peone

Ants ringing a peone bud.

  mother and youngsters on rose bud

Mother aphid & youngsters on rose bud.

pussy willow

Pussy willow.

pussy willow full bloom

Pussy willow full bloom.

  easter lily

Easter lily.

Lilac buds

Lilac buds.

aphid on rose shoot

Early bird aphid on rose shoot.

  deer droppings

Deer droppings.

praying mantis

Pregnant praying mantis from below.

praying mantis abdomin detail

Pregnant praying mantis abdomen detail.

  nature recyclying deer droppings

Nature recyling deer droppings.

praying mantis

Praying mantis.

praying mantis detail

Praying mantis detail.

  dew on milkweek seeds

Dew drops on milkweed seeds.

dew on milkweek seeds and pod

Dew drops on milkweed seeds and pod.

dew on grass heads

Morning dew drops on grass heads.

  dew on grass head detail

Morning dew drops on grass head - detail.

spider web detail #1

Morning dew drops on spider web - detail #1.

spider web detail #2

Morning dew drops on spider web - detail #2.

  web #1

Spider web #1.

web #2

Spider web #2.

web #3

Spider web #3 [with spider].

  yucca - view from above

Yucca plant as seen from above.

web engineer


  aquarium glass snail

Aquarium cleaning snail.

  daddy long legs spider

"Daddy long legs" spider.

  deer at valley forge #1

Friendly deer at Valley Forge park..

deer at valley forge #2

Jogging partners at Valley Forge park.

  orange symphany flower

Orange symphony flower.

  moss sporophytes

Moss sporophytes.

moss sporophytes detail

Moss sporophytes detail.

  root study #1

Root study #1.

root study #2

Root study #2.

root study #3

Root study #3.



red pepper seed overview

Red pepper seed cross section.

red pepper seed detail

Red pepper seed detail.


Winter fireplace.

gas bubble forming on algae under water

Gas bubbles forming from algae in drainage ditch.

algae gas bubble detail

Gas bubbles detail.

  wood pile critter

Wood pile 'critter'.

vine around trunk

Vine constricts trunk growth.

vine around truck detail

Vine effects - detail.

  sweetgum seed ball and onion grass

Sweetgum seed ball & onion grass.

old thorn / new bud

Old thorn / new bud.

bud/thorn detail

Thorn / bud detail.

  honeydew melon seeds and innards

Honeydew melon seeds and innards.

  onion art #2

Onion art #1.

onion art #1

Onion art detail.

dorko brand clippers

Brand name selection
-- what not to do!

  curly parsley warm winter day

Curly parsley on a warm winter day.

  bread mold

Bread mold.

bread mold detail

Bread mold detail.

  grass seed detail #1

Grass seed detail #1.

grass seed detail #2

Grass seed detail #2.

tomatoes in the basket

Tomatoes in the basket.

  tomatoes in the pan

Tomatoes in the pan.

praying mantis

Praying mantis.

praying mantis closeup

Praying mantis closeup.

  mrs potato and her small fry

Mrs. Potato and her small fry.

hikers on Jockey's Ridge, OBX

Sunset hikers at Jockey's Ridge state park.

  nc water plants

Water plants.

water plant detail

Water plant detail.

nc spider

North Carolina welcoming spider.

  nc crab

North Carolina welcoming crab.

mold on apple - overview

Mold on apple.

mold trees on apple

Mold 'trees' on apple.

  green spider with yellow triangle pattern

Green spider with yellow triangle pattern.



mushroom cap detail

Mushroom cap detail.

  mushroom detail

Mushroom detail.

  poppy seed pod

Poppy seed pod.

poppy seed pod detail with seeds

Poppy seed pod detail with seeds.

onion grass budding

Onion grass budding.

  dragon fly #1

Dragon fly #1.

dragon fly

Dragon fly #2.

  yellow columbine flower

Yellow columbine flower.

yellow columbine flower early bloom detail

Yellow columbine flower early bloom detail.

yellow columbine late bloom detail

Yellow columbine late bloom detail.

  poppy flower

Poppy flower.

poppy flower detail

Poppy flower detail.

spent poppy flower

Spent poppy flower.

  bumble bee on rhododendron

Bumblebee on rhododendron.

lily of the valley #2

Lily of the Valley #1.

lily of the valley #1

Lily of the Valley #2.

  chipmonk begging

Begging chipmonk.

golf ball detail

Golf ball manufacturing detail.

golf balls growing in my garden

Golf ball growing in my garden!

  rain droplets on leaf blade

Rain droplets on leaf blade.

paper birch bark

Paper birch 'bark'.

  oriental lily

Oriental lily #1.

oriental lily closer

Oriental lily #2.

oriental lily very close

Oriental lily #3.

  Know your plant parts [courtesy of the SmithsonianNationall Zoo]
  impressive thorn

Impressive thorn.

vine coil

Coiling vine.

air bubbles on glass ball

Air bubbles on glass ball.

  quartz pocket in shale

Quartz pocket in shale rocks at Lake Claytor shoreline.

quartz crystal closeup

Quartz pocket close-up.

aluminum shavings at techsburg

Aluminum shavings at Techsburg scrap bin.

  backyard friend

Backyard squirrel eating lunch.

Beauty lingers in an old rose devoid of petals

Beauty lingers in an old rose, even though it has lost its petals.

future lobster dinner staring at me

Future lobster dinner staring at me.

  sweetgum seed pod in snow

Sweetgum seed pod makes its own 'nest' in the melting snow.

  scallion slices

Scallion slices.

fiber optic fiber ends head on

Optic fiber ends head on [from Christmas angel].

  spider hole

Spider hole.

christmas cactus bloom

Christmas cactus bloom.

christmas cactus bloom detail

Christmas cactus bloom detail.



blue heron at laurel acre pond

Blue heron at Laurel Acre pond

  rose of sharon seeds

Rose of Sharon seeds.

seed pods

Seed pods.

african violet

African violet

  flowering witch hazel

Flowering witch hazel

spider egg sac

Spider egg sac

baby spiders

Baby spiders

  rosebush thorns

Rosebush thorns.

  red lava flowing into the ocean

Red lava flowing into the Pacific ocean at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Big Island.

  garden fence

At first glance, just an 'ordinary' garden fence.

fence closeup

But wait! Don't underestimate Mother Nature.

red crest lichen closeup

The beauty of life is everywhere. We need only stop and observe.

Red crest lichen.
  cucumber vine advancing

Cucumber vine advancing.

infant cucumber with flower still attached

Infant cucumber with flower still attached.

  catherine and andrew at graduation

Catherine and Andrew at Lenape graduation, June 12th, 2004.


Dogwood flower.

mini white rose

Mini white rose: top

mini white rose - side view

Mini white rose: side

  poppy pod

Unopened poppy pod with morning dew.

poppy flower

Poppy flower in bloom.

dissicated thistle pod

Desiccated thistle pods.

  old rake

Old rake


choir director

'Choir director'



maple tree buds

Maple tree buds


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