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Botos Family Album -- 2000


2000, another busy year!

Here are just a few of the pictures from our year. When you visit us in person, we'll be sure to show you the rest!

Our Christmas letter has more details about what we've been up to over the last year.

note: Each of the photographs is a thumbnail image of the original. Just click on the thumbnail to view the full size picture.
 Winter 2000
... fairly average by New Jersey standards!

tubing with the cat!
callie tubing

Okay, the 'tubing' picture was just for show. Callie didn't really get out in the snow.

Catherine catherine in snowenjoys getting out in the snow. Only two minor problems:

  1. she doesn't like to shovel it
  2. she throws snowballs at me!

april snow


Snow in April!


 matthew boarding

A Christmas holiday snowboarding outing is becoming a trandition with Matthew and David. They both enjoy getting off into the 'wilderness' together.

david boarding
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 Family celebrations
"...come over for dinner"

During the year there were the usual round of birthday and holiday celebrations and, of course, the accompanying photo opportunities.

grandkids and parents

'Grand' kids and parents!

mikeys bday

Mikey's birthday

Catherine's birthday

easter and catherines bday

the wine steward

Joe, the wine steward

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     Vacations and travels
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matthew and miami

Matthew's Bahamas dive trip during spring break

2116 view left/right

Catherine and Michael's view:
Marriot - room 2116

Getting wet on the 'Cave of the Winds' tour

on cave of winds tour

(pictures for album still being selected)

Sonia, and Marisa in Hawaii.

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 Special moments
... things that made the year memorable
 Matthew graduates! "My money and my son go to Cornell" -- bumpter sticker on the Caravan the borthers measuring up
The brothers measuring up!
Catherine graduates!

get her diploma - miss hair

Chris, Catherine, and Jeanine

chris, catherine, jeanine

 cheering section

Family poses...

college graduate grandson

the kids

law day awards

Law Day award: Catherine was Assistant Superintendent of Mt. Laurel Schools (for a day).

Trusty work horse retires.

voyager hauling wood
Out to 'pasture' after 198,122 miles!

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 Matthew's new digs!

matthews apartment first meal

Apartment living

For Matthew this was a new place, as of the end of June. The first meal with plenty of unpacking to do yet when this picture was taken

David and Paula have the same apartment as last year. They are obviously quite comfortable there.

hard at rest

Paula & David comfortable at home!

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 swim team helping a teammateSpecial friends

Catherine and fellow 'Great Whites'. As much a social event as an athletic event.

David and Paula at Thanksgiving

david and paula

 Fun activities

Callie not quite into 'patti cake'

Catherine the field hockey player. This year on the freshman team at Lenape High School

catherine the maze maker


School projects are just 'amazing'.

agreeable cat field hockey 2000

Sonia looks into her genes at Princeton.

sonia looks into her genespoppy crop
easter lily 

Sometimes you just have to sit down and smell the 'roses'.

easter at the aquarium

flower garden sunset at jersey shore

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