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Cleveland/Niagara 2000 Album



With Sonia away in Hawaii and swim season finished, Catherine and I set out on a trip of our own. After we put the cat (Callie) away [I mean, took Callie to the kennel] we were free to go. We left early on a Monday morning, missing most of the Philly traffic. Then it was a nice long drive along the PA turnpike. We stopped at the first rest stop in Ohio and had a real treat -- cheap gas!!

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  aunt anne and catherine aunt anne and catherine
aunt anne and michael aunt anne and michael

Aunt Anne was glad to see us. Catherine really like the way Anne said what was on her mind.


We stayed with my sister Jean. Got the meet the newest member of the family, Orion. Orion was at that time a six-month old puppy, weighing in at 50 pounds. Taking Orion for a walk is definitely a way to get your exercise.

We also met Bob, a friend of Pat's.

spacing pixel catherine and orion
thersea and orion
Theresa and Orion

Bob and Pat

bob and pat
  tree at 3906 muriel tree michael helped plant

Catherine and I drove to the old neighbor so I could show her the house I grew up in. I was about 8 years old when I helped my Dad plant this oak tree!

My Uncle Steve lives in an assisted care facility, but stays very active. Steve lived on a farm most of his life and keeps busy looking after his two pigs and tending a garden.

catherine and uncle steve michael and uncle steve
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Niagara Falls overviews

Catherine had several reasons for wanting to go to Niagara Falls, but I think the biggest one was the opportunity to spend a night in a 'foreign' country. She had done a lot of research on the Internet on the various attractions and places to stay. It had been 15 years since Sonia, I and the boys have visited, so my memory of things was a bit fuzzy.
  view from inside room with catherine sunrise over horseshoe falls room view left room view right
  american falls and maid of mist boat horseshoe falls plus our hotel our room
  horseshoe fall plus rainbow, boat, american falls catherine and falls michael and falls
  horseshoe rim american rim
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Niagara - Behind the Falls

  behind fall viewing ledge over the edge behimd falls viewing ledge getting wet
  behind fall ledge from american side
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Niagara - Maid of the Mist

  maid boat heading in maid boat going in holding in position getting off the maid
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Niagara - Cave of the Winds

  cave of winds overview top gear foot gear from the bottom up view
  yellow procession like snow on a mountain cave rapids up to hurricane platform
  rainbow over deck on hurricane platform on hurricane platform - 2 michael on hurricane platform
  starting the walk back one last look back michael wet his pants! catherine wet her shirt
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