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Botos Family Album - 2004

It was a year that exceeded our expectations in many ways. Here is a brief pictorial replay of some key events.

Some of our trips and events have separate albums with many more pictures.
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note: Each of the photographs is a thumbnail image of the original. Just click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of the picture.

New camera


Michael's Wasp.

michaels wasp

You may remember that Michael always had a special interest in getting insects to pose for his pictures. Getting a camera with good macro capability was one of his selection criteria. Be sure to check out his other 'best of the week' pictures.

Pollen spreading butterfly
on day lily.

 pollen spreading butterfly
  maple tree buds  poppy  hybiscus flower

Maple tree buds

Poppy flower

Hibiscus flower

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Usually the Christmas holidays get missed in the yearly family album, since I put the album together in late November. So here are a couple of scenes from the holiday season at the end of 2003.

holiday treat #1

Sonia makes it look just like the picture in the cookbook.

yule log

Ye olde Christmas log.

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A big travel year. Some quick highlights:
  • Sonia, Michael & Catherine on Caribbean cruise
  • Catherine - senior trip to Disney
  • Sonia & Catherine and Michael & Matthew to Hawaii
  • Sonia to L.A. and San Diego
  • miscellaneous weekend get-aways

  dawn pricess pool deck
[photo by Catherine]

Dawn Princess pool deck

st lucia - le pitons
[photo by Catherine]

St. Lucia - Le Pitons

Each island we visited had its own special character and beauty.

sitting on the beach

Time for justing sitting on the beach - Barbados!

sitting on the beach

Plenty of great dining.

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Mickey Mouse with a group of friends at Disney World.

group with mickey mouse
catherine, mickey, and minnieThey may be high school seniors, but they are still kids at heart!

Disney World

catherine and pooh
Catherine likes them big and furry.
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  Hawaii revisited! This was not the first time for any of us: Sonia #5, Michael #4, Catherine #3, and Matthew #2.
  hawaiian fashion plates

Fashion police are on permanent vacation!

Red lava flowing into the ocean - nature's reality show.

red lava
catherines new friend

Catherine and her porpoise friend.


Sonia, artist Robert Wyland, and Paula at one of his studios -- Seaport Village, San Diego, CA.

sonia, wyland, and paula

L.A. and San Diego

Sonia arrived on election day. While eating lunch in the L.A. Farmer's Market, David spotted Kimmel. Unfortunately, David's interview ended up on the cutting room floor!

david discussing voting with jimmy kimmel

David discussing voting with Jimmy Kimmel.

  old men of the mountain

Old men of the mountain.

climbing to the top of mt washington

Dad climbing to the top of Mt. Washington.

New Hampshire

Our mid September trip to New Hampshire provided a variety of weather. We started the trip in a with a driving rain storm, but soon found some very pleasant autumn days. The only exception was near the top of Mt Washington, where we found frozen dew sculpted by the infamous Mt. Washington winds.

at the summit

At the summit.

  reflected rock faces near-------

Reflected rock faces near North Conway, NH.

cold face greets morning visitors

A cold face greets morning visitors on Mt. Washington.

  sonia and michael at bushkill falls

Sonia and Michael at Bushkill Falls, PA.

our view of the lake at tamiment resort

Our view of the lake at Tamiment resort.


After years of passing by the Poconos on various trips, we actually made it a destination. The October weekend was still a week ahead of the full leaf color, but still plenty of color and relaxing time for us.

lunch back at the cabin

Lunch back at the cabin.

Moss detail.

moss detail
  mushroom and moss

Mushroom and moss.

red bodied dragon fly

Red-bodied dragon fly

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The year began with hope that Mom would soon be able to return home after her heart surgery last August. However, the continuing effect of her diabetes, kidney dialysis, and several bouts with infections left her progressively weaker. The sparkle in her face slowly faded.

nonna in the hospital
[photo by Catherine]

Vienna Lamberti died on June 5th, at 7:10 a.m.

  trip to the natural history museum

A photo op at the Natural History museum in Washington, D.C.

Looking at pictures on Matthews deck. looking at pictures on matthews deck birthday number 87

Celebrating birthday number #87!

  part of the botos clan

Part of the Botos clan at a wedding in May.

kissing cousins

Kissing cousins, born on the same day [some years ago!].

thereas aiello

Theresa Aiello and Sonia catching up with photo albums.

  the family that sweats together... still smells

The family that sweats together ...still smells.

celebrating sonias birthday at matthews
[photo by Catherine]

Celebrating Sonia's birthday at Matthew's.

relaxing after thanksgiving dinner
[photo by Sonia]

Relaxing after thanksgiving dinner.

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Special Events

  catherine and prom date

Catherine arrives with her 'mature' prom date.

younger date #1

Catherine finds a younger man!

younger date #2

Catherine breaking the news to Nonno that she found a younger man!

breaking the news to nonno that she found a younger date

Three generations at the prom.

family prom

The highlight of the early summer was graduation! The weather was perfect for both the outdoor ceremony and the pool party [grad bash] later that evening. A week after the graduation, we had a party for catherine with family and friends at our house. The excitement slowly faded, replaced by college orientation, a summer job, and summer evenings with friends.

the graduates: catherine and andrew

The graduates:
Catherine and Andrew

graduate catherine and nonno

Graduate Catherine and Nonno

  catherine at graduation party

Catherine at graduation party

grad bash goodies

The grad bash party turned out to be a rewarding place for goodies.

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  urmilla during performance

Catherine's friend Urmilla during her Arangetram performance.

Urmilla after the performance

Catherine and Urmilla after the performance.

sonia and maureen reminescing

Sonia and Maureen reminiscing.

  margie and ray at rafers wedding

Cheverly neighbors, Margie and Ray Heer at their son Rafer's wedding.

catching up with ray and margie the morning after

Ray, Margie, and Sonia catching up the next morning after.

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Random shots

Michael trying to blow away another year and proving that you can teach an old man new tricks.

blowing away another year
michael climbing the wall
dell fairy delivery

The Dell fairy visited our home twice. Once for Sonia and once for Catherine. Michael? Oh, he got to assemble the systems! Maybe next year!

  michael and catherine visit kenseco dam

Michael and Catherine have a [Kensico] dam fine visit!

More dam details!

sonia in a relaxing moment

Sonia in a relaxing moment in the back yard.

sonia by stove

Sonia finishing up meal preparation.

  morning - day lily

Day lily in morning light.

moth sucking nectar

Moth sucking nectar.

Catherine getting settled in her Rutger's dorm.

catherine getting settled in new digs
  basement shelf project

Project: Basement shelf.

Some house projects actually got finished this year!

Project: Porch roof.

porch roof project
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