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Botos Family Album - 2006

The year unfolded, not always the way we expected. Here is a brief pictorial replay of some key events.

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note: Each of the photographs is a thumbnail image of the original. Just click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of the picture.

Holidays - 2005

Usually the Christmas holidays get missed in the yearly family album -- since I put the album together in late November. So here are a couple of scenes from the holiday season at the end of 2005.


Carving the prime rib at Chez Lamberti's .

nick carving the prime rib
nina blowing out birthday candles

Nina blowing out her birthday candles.

santa impersonator and elf

Santa look alike and smiling elf.


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We spent a lot of time together as a family this year, travelling occasionally, but always having a good time!


Food has always been a great family attraction. While we had some fancy meals, we had some everyday favorites. This year was no exception.

chef matthew preparing new year stirfry

Good eating, of course, requires good preparation.

Matthew stirring his fry. The meal was excellent!

matthew stirring the fry
sonias homemade yule log

Sonia made the yule log for dessert.

  catherine and urmila working on snacks

Catherine & Urmila cutting up snack toppings.

  lunch at home with dad

Lunch with Dad at home in White Plains.

catherine making deviled eggs

Deviled eggs in process.

finishing up the appetizers

Catherine and Matthew finishing up Easter appetizers.

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  family in the family room

The family in the family room.

some occasions just blow

Some occasions just blow .

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  lunch on the back porch

Lunch on the back porch.

Catherine & Dad sharing generational wisdom!

imparting wisdom
an outing at the park

Getting some sun & fresh air at the park.

  cake in process

Making the cake is a multi step and multi layer process.

A homemade cake is a birthday tradition. The traditional cake has several layers of cake, cream, and of course some liquor to make sure it stays moist. The frosting is simply whipped cream.
number 89 and going strong

Dad celebrating # 89.


Thanksgiving can be such an exhausting experience.

spacing pixelmatthew celebrating another birthdayspacing pixelan exhausting thanksgiving dinner

Matthew celebrating another birthday.


Wedding bells

  rehearsal dinner

Theresa, Gabbie, and Tracy at the rehearsal dinner.

All dressed up, waiting for the bride.
jean, michael, and theresa

Jean, Michael, and Theresa

michael and patty

Michael walking Patty down the aisle.

  miahcel and gabrielle

Michael with grand niece Gabrielle.

Patty and Bobby

Patty and Bobby.

catherine, matthew, michael, and sonia

Catherine, Matthew, Michael, and Sonia at the reception.


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Looking toward the Borgata in Atlantic City.

Some quick highlights:
view of the borgata and windmills
Sonia feeling at home on the D.C. mall in early January.
sonia on the dc mall

Posing for the photographer at Kennsico dam.

posing for the camera

free hair styling

Come to the NJ shore for free hairstyling.

  Sonia waiting for the 'Face of America: Hawaii' concertwait for hawaii at wolftrap.
kealii reichel at wolftrap

Kealii Reichel in concert at Wolftrap Farm Park, VA.

travel planning

We didn't take any big vacations this year, but did manage to get to a variety of different places. Travel planning takes a lot of coordination.

Paula & David sharing Alaska photos at PHL, on their way back to VA.sharing alaska picture in phl airport
wild pa turkeys
Wild PA turkeys

winding road at the top of oak creek canyon

Winding road at the head of Oak Creek Canyon.


Sonia topless just outside of Flaggstaff, AZ.sonia going topless

sedona red rock vista

Typical view in the Sedona red rock country.

picnicing on the canyon rim

Picnicking on the canyon rim.


day trip to the grand canyon

Check out the tourists we found at the Grand Canyon.

hiking among the red rocks of sedona

Hiking among the red rocks near Sedona [specifically Boynton Canyon, trail #47] just outside of Flaggstaff, AZ.


Hands across the generations

  holding hands at the dam

... at the dam

... in the park

holding hands at the park
holding hands in colorado

... in Colorado


Sonia and Catherine took Dad on vacation to Colorado this summer. They covered a lot of ground while they were there.

panoramic view

Panoramic view near Rabbit Ear Pass.

dad and catherine with a view

Dad and Catherine posing with the view.


heavy clouds in leadville

Even the clouds are heavy in Leadville .

some snow left to melt

Catherine enjoyed the snow along the road , imagining how it must have been in winter.

overview of valley of the gods

Looking over the valley of the Gods near Colorado Springs.

With some snow still on the ground in early June, there were many beautiful panoramic vistas to stop and takes pictures.

Dad and Sonia with mountain view in the background.

dad and sonia with a view

Hiking around in the Valley of the Gods and posing by Balanced Rock.
The Garden was one of Dad's two favorite stops.

in the garden of the gods balanced rock cheers for the coors factory tour tired traveller

Enjoying the Coors brewery and resting!
The Coors Brewery was the other favorite stop.


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Special Events


We have regular get togethers with our neighbors. Of course, having a little something to nibble is always welcome.

topping off the chicen orlaf

Sonia topping off the chicken orlof.

filling a tray with eggplant rollatini

Sonia rolling up the last of the eggplant rollatini.

Chocolate covered strawberries drying on the rack.

some strawberries

Getting enough 'moisture' in the tiramisu 'cookies' is critical to the taste!.

adding tiramisu moisture
adding the filling

Adding the tiramisu filling.

shrimp appetizer

That's the kitchen table just in case you didn't recognize it under the shrimp appetizer!

wine selection - sommelier

Our sommelier made some fine choices.

cleaned up glasses

Unfortunately, after the party, there is a little bit of cleanup.

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Easter preparations

Easter bunnies decorating the tree.

easter bunnies decorating tree

deocrating eggs

Decorating eggs.

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  matthew getting the meat squewed

Putting the kabobs together.

July 4th

grilling the kabobs

Matthew grilling the kabobs on the trusty Weber.

patriotic dessertPatriotic dessert.

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Random shots

A very practical present from Matthew to Michael. Matthew knows what his Dad likes!

mouse pad present from matthew

Ice cicles engulf a bush.

ice cicles on bush

early spring cleaning with grandpa

Early spring cleaning with Grandpa.


snow... on the bird feeder.

snow on the bird feeder

Can you guess what this is?

co2 bubbles in drainage slime

Take a closer look.   Don't give up!   Click for the answer?

Harbingers of spring [tent caterpillars].

harbingers of spring
  jogging companion #2

In an effort to shift his commuting hours to less trafficked times, Michael made new friends near his office while getting regular exercise. Morning jogging companions at Valley Forge Park.

The Closeup: Dogwood blossom

closeup: dogwood blossom

Matthew focusing on a thorny subject!

matthew focusing on thorny subject
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Digital cameras

patient southern green stink bug model

This green southern stink bug was one of my more patient models.

Dew on spider web.

dew on spider web
The backyard provided a treasure trove of photographic opportunities for Michael. Being able to photograph the same subjects over a span of several weeks, added interest as Michael witnessed some of natures changes.
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Ladybug in morning sunlight.

ladybug in morning light

polyphemous moth on car tire

Polyphemus moth on car tire.

For additional views of these subjects and others, be sure to check out the weekly archive page of 'best of the week' photos.

praying mantis

Praying mantis.

harlequin mother and eggs

Harlequin mother and freshly laid eggs.

  rose slug

Rose slug munching on a leaf.

flies mating

Ever wonder where flies come from? Now you know!

  mosquito biting photographer

Of course working in close proximity with a lot of small critters is not without its perils. Just because they are small, doesn't mean they are safe. This mosquito just wanted to be sure that it got its share for the photo session! Fortunately, the brown wasp was more content to just suck nectar.

brown wasp
  lady bug larvae

Lady bug larvae and abandoned egg cases.

wooly aphid

Wooly aphid.

bad hair day on forest tent caterpillar

...and you thought you were having a bad hair day. This forest tent caterpillar doesn't seem to mind.

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  Onion art by Mother Nature.

onion art by mother nature
The beauty of nature is all around us. Sometimes we just need to move a little slower to see what is present in our daily lives.

Mother Nature is the ultimate recycler. Even deer droppings get recycled and give rise to new life in the grand plan of Mother Nature.

mother nature recycles everything

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Photo answer

It is a picture of CO2 bubbles in the water/slim of a drainage ditch.


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