Michael's XPLOR 19 Pictures

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Random shots from XPLOR 19: Thursday evening...

Each of the photographs is a thumbnail image of the original. Just click on the thumbnail to view the full size picture.

 Lorena & Michael
"A penny for
your thoughts, Lorena!"

Lorena's comment on seeing this picture for the first time.... "Oh, my God!"

lorena & michael thumb lisa & michael thumb Lisa & Michael
Congratulations to a new EDPP


  michael1 thumb Michael
"Before the ceremony"


michael2 thumb

Michael & Tim

  michael3 thumb michael4 thumb

On stage

I should have launched into the Surfing Tips presentation.

michael5 thumb

"That was a great microhone"

 Michael with... stephanie thumb


sue thumb


penny thumb


steve1 thumb

Nice smile!


Then we got into 'group' pictures...

 steve2 thumb

Two brothers and their sister

A thorn among three roses

xplor1 thumb

Someone started dancing...

 stevdian thumb

Diana & Steve

Next time I'll bring my telephoto and a bigger flash


If you'd like to see more, I can recommend Roll #2!!

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