Michael's XPLOR 19 Pictures, roll #2

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More random shots from XPLOR 19: Thursday evening...

Each of the photographs is a thumbnail image of the original. Just click on the thumbnail to view the full size picture.

 Sue and Steve school of dance
-- this one isn't in the Arthur Murray step book
danse step #1
A little wave
dance step #2 thumb
Now grab
dance step #3 thumb
That's not
a Do-Si-Do!
  Penny steps out with Steve


penstev thumb penbrad thumb

Penny steps out with Brad ...and who said they didn't get along!

  xplor2 thumb

Brian Mattson
Barbara Oswald
Ralph Kent
Phyllis Palmer

This one is great for captions.

lorbrett thumb
   Michael with... linda thumb


 botostn3 thumb

Receiving the award from Sue
(photo by Kathy Rixham)

The plaque

plaque thumb

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