The 1998 Botos Christmas Album

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Christmas Holidays - 1998

We didn't get as much decorating done as usual, but we were all together for a few weeks over the holidays.

The series starts with some shots of the annual Christmas eve/birthday party at Nick, Angela, and Nina's house and finishes back at our house in New Jersey.

Each of the photographs is a thumbnail image of the original. Just click on the thumbnail to view the full size picture.

"The observer"
David watching TV

David took this opportunity to just sit back and relax and watch T.V. He was busy with a lot of 'projects' he had not had the chance to do while he was away at college in the fall. Having access to all Dad's 'tools', was an added incentive. He actually liked getting involved in projects around the house, including designing a divider for the basement. David also gets credit for helping with this album by scanning these pictures.

 Sonia with appetizers Sonia
Appetizers are ready...

Sonia was busy with classes, assignments, and test during the fall semester, right up until Christmas. The holidays gave her an opportunity to get reacquainted with the kitchen. At this party she lent a pair of experienced hands to the task of feeding the family.

"Worrying that there isn't enough food"
Nick making sure there is enough food

Despite many assurances, year after year, that there is always more than enough food, Nick (and Angela) always put on a spread that leaves us all stuffed to the gills.

 Marisa and Mary Marisa and Mary

Nothing like a little drink to get the party started and keep the conversation flowing.

Sonia with wine

Sonia took a break from helping in the kitchen long enough to have a sip of wine (caught on film by the local paparazzo) and join in the latest gossip (oops! I meant) conversation!

 Manga! Mangia
The traditional call to begin eating

Most of us didn't need an invitation to start eating as the dent in the appetizers clearly demonstrated.

 The family eats
the family eats

Not quite a small intimate dinner but with a family this size, it is good that Nick and Angela have a big room in which to host the party

 David examines his inner self David

The party scene now moves back to New Jersey. This shot is in Chris and Joe's kitchen.

David experiments with his career possibilities! Topless dancer = NO!

"How I spent my Christmas break"
matthew on break!

The wall in the craft room saw more of Matthew then most of the rest of us. He was absorbed in getting reacquainted with his computer after being away from it for 4 month. Matthew was 'intern'ing at Sandia Labs (Livermore, California) during the fall semester. He documented his experience if you want to read more.

What started out as a simple motherboard transplant, ended up with Matthew taking two computers back to school with him, as well as a vastly increased knowledge of the intricacies of assembling computer hardware components.

 Catherine and cat Catherine & Callie
"All I want for Christmas is a cat!!" 

It took at lot of "wearing Dad down", but he finally agreed to have a little ball of fur running around the house. Needless to say, Catherine was more than a little bit happy. For more details on Callie, check out Callie's page on Catherine's website.

callie the cat

The longer Callie has been with us the more of her personality has come out. She likes company, and just loves to spend the night sleeping on Catherine's bed.

 dining in NJ Time to eat! (again)

After several great meals, you sort of wish that you could spread them out over several weeks.

"Happy birthday"
a birthday blow

You never get too old for the traditional blowing out of the candles. Amy & Mark joined us and Chris, Joe, and the boys (above picture also) for a mid-holiday meal and celebration.

 Christmas log Yule log
Sonia, the master chef

What is Christmas without a Yule log? Fortunately this one was edible. Raspberry and creme filling. It tasted as good as it looks!


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