Pictures: January & Februrary 1999

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January & February 1999

In January I took a trip to Palm Srpings, California for an Xplor meeting and conference. Of course this is always a good time for pictures.

The series starts with some Palm Spring shots and then some pictures from around the house.

Each of the photographs is a thumbnail image of the original. Just click on the thumbnail to view the full size picture.

 The view from my room in Palm Springs
"A putting green in the airport!!"
view from my Palm Springs room

This was my first visit to Palm Springs. Actually, walking in for the farthest most gate was pleasant. The putting green in the airport made the walk memorable.

 sue and steve sage continues

And reversing rolls...

Why is Steve laughing??

The Sue and Steve saga continues...




... I can't wait for the next meeting!

Just in case you missed the pictures from global....

ss global 3

 Sue, Steve, and 'Bubbles'
one more of Steve

This dressing up in vintage clothes was an ingenious plot to make us all feel 'not so old'.

 Another of Steve's 'tall' tales Steve and Linda

Although Steve's jokes are quite funny, more serious topics are a bit more 'unbelievable'.

 Mary and me
Mary and Michael avoiding the hungry airplane

Mary and I smile... (all the while I'm hoping that this hungry plane doesn't eat us!)


Now a few 'family shots'

  Yes, we have a cat!!

In the 2+ months that we've had her, Callie has gotten quite comfortable around the house.

on her perch perched again on Catherine's bed whose room is this?? good to have a cat to use up extra film
Hey Dad, I need some blinds! This isn't as easy as it looks! You mean I have to work! How about a career in decorating??
Yes we still have a daughter!

Catherine is learning that the best way to get something done is to offer to do it herself!

Putting up hardware for blinds and framing a picture.


If you liked these pictures you might also enjoy these recent shots (if we haven't bored you with them already)!


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